AOMS Technologies Announces the Launch of LumiCon™, a New Generation of Concrete Sensors

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Toronto – July 11, 2018

AOMS Technologies Inc. ( announced the launch of LumiCon™, an in-situ distributed concrete monitoring platform using AOMS patented Fiber Optic Sensing Technology (AOMS-FOS™).

AOMS LumiCon™ system enables general contractors and ready-mix concrete producers to remotely collect continuous, distributed, and real-time temperature and moisture data from many job sites simultaneously to help with controlling the curing conditions of the concrete efficiently, managing the maximum internal and differential temperature in mass concrete placements, and more importantly, measuring the maturity of concrete versus time. The real-time information provided by LumiCon™ eliminates the need for trips to job sites to collect data or samples for testing, which improves quality, minimizes delays and reduces on-site labor cost.

AOMS Technologies Inc. (PRNewsfoto/AOMS Technologies Inc.)

Compared to existing concrete sensing solutions, AOMS LumiCon™ system consists of a simple, ruggedized and recoverable sensor cable which collects distributed temperature and moisture data along the length of the sensor cable to generate a 3D map of data from any concrete slab.

The sensor cables can be retrieved and reused in multiple concrete projects, significantly reducing the capital cost of concrete construction. The product is easy to install without any changes in the site workflow and has been designed for seamless operation in cold and hot weather conditions.

The LumiCon™ product reduces the labor cost for sensor installation and data collection and offers cloud-based data management and analytics powered by embedded LTE connectivity and a web-based dashboard. AOMS LumiCon™ platform is also a powerful tool for evaluating new concrete mixtures.

“LumiCon™ has been built on AOMS innovative fiber optic sensor technology, which is a proven technology for heavy-duty applications. We are pleased to offer IoT platforms to help industries collect mission-critical data to make informed decisions, streamline workflow and reduce operating and capital expenses,” said Amir Azhari, AOMS’ president and COO.

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