Clear Blue Technologies Secures Funding and Engages GreenSky Capital to Provide Long-Term Advisory Services

Toronto, ON, March 9, 2015

GreenSky Capital Inc. (GreenSky) is proud to announce that Clear Blue Technologies (Clear Blue) has raised funding from Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation (SOFII).  SOFII provides interest-bearing business loans to support innovation and growth in small and medium-sized enterprises across the Southern Ontario region. It is supported through FedDev Ontario’s Prosperity Initiative and is being delivered by the Western Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation Association and the Eastern Ontario CFDC Network Inc.

GreenSky also announced that Clear Blue has entered into a long-term relationship to retain GreenSky advisory services.

GreenSky Principal, Greg Stewart, will act as Clear Blue’s CFO, providing financial advisory services, including:

  1. reviewing financial statements and general ledger entries;
  2. preparing and presenting financial reporting for board meetings and quarterly reports;
  3. assisting ongoing compliance reporting and preparing annual and quarterly budgets and variance analysis
  4. managing deferred revenue and revenue recognition; and
  5. ensuring adequate ongoing cash flow to meet the organization’s needs.

GreenSky will also continue to provide long-term broker-dealer and fund raising services, including:

  1. investor relations;
  2. assisting with and optimizing the Company’s capital and deal structure; and
  3. identify possible investors, generate investor interest and close transactions with these potential investors.

“Clear Blue is an ideal GreenSky partner as they provide the most advanced technology in a growing market,” said Mr. Stewart.  “Their products are economic ‘no brainers’ for customers and are meaningfully beneficial to the environment.  I look forward to working with Clear Blue CEO Miriam Tuerk and her excellent team.”

About Clear Blue Technologies

Clear Blue Technologies, the Smart Off-Grid Company, combines green energy systems with the proven advantages of communications and cloud technology to power high performance off-grid lighting, security and mobile solutions.   The company’s hybrid controller harvests energy from solar panels and wind turbines and is designed to be easily integrated into a variety of products to deliver highly reliable off-grid alternatives. The Illumience cloud-based software provides real time monitoring and control over the Internet from any PC or smartphone, delivering unmatched reliability and performance. Clear Blue’s Illumient division delivers high performance off-grid lighting systems. See

About GreenSky Capital Inc.

GreenSky Capital is a boutique corporate finance advisory firm based in Toronto, delivering customized financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses. GreenSky mandates are long-term partnerships with high growth potential companies and dedicated entrepreneurs where GreenSky supports the execution of strategic transitional events.  GreenSky principals bring together a unique combination of experience in operations, investment banking and private equity. As an operator’s investment bank, GreenSky has the ability to bring extensive capital markets experience into a real-world context. GreenSky is focused on business and relationship building as well as the ultimate transaction. See