Cyclica extends its reach into emerging markets, with global

TORONTO, Canada – December 3, 2013 – Cyclica has signed a client acquisition agreement with a leading Indian consulting firm Sathguru. This agreement is focused on bringing top line growth for Cyclica in countries like India and South Korea, two emerging markets with increasing engagement in drug discovery and development. Sathguru provides comprehensive support to the Pharmaceutical sector and will provide global exposure to in silico technologies developed by Cyclica for evaluating drug safety and enhancing drug discovery. Consultants at Sathguru immediately saw the value of Cyclica’s platform to support current trends in drug discovery in which risk management has become the key to success and has already identified interested partners and clients. Sathguru will be promoting Cyclica’s integrated data platform as an analytics and modeling service that decreases toxicity and side effects related attrition in drug discovery and development pipelines, as well as a valuable tool for identifying repurposing potential of existing drugs or molecules. Both offerings can significantly reduce the time-to-market for Pharmaceutical companies as well as leverage a favorable regulatory landscape.

Pushpa Vijayaraghavan, Vice President will be leading the project from Sathguru’s Boston USA office.

“I am confident this collaboration will create long term value for Cyclica by offering enabling technologies for the research and development growth of pharmaceutical ventures in emerging markets.” Alka Shrikhande, Drug Discovery Advisor

About Cyclica Cyclica is a pioneer in the development of next generation in silico discovery and testing technologies that leverage integrated biological data to improve pharma R&D productivity. The company is commercializing the Ligand Explorer™ to address the rising cost of R&D in drug discovery and low regulatory approval rates of pre-market pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. Using cloud computing, Cyclica’s powerful Ligand Explorer™ platform reduces the failure risk of drug discovery projects by allowing clients to anticipate a drug candidate’s side effects prior to clinical trials, thereby enabling more informed R&D investment decisions. Furthermore, the technology allows researchers to overcome expensive project hurdles with data-guided Intelligent Molecular Redesign™. Since incorporation, Cyclica has formed key industry and academic collaborations, developed a unique intellectual property portfolio, and established an affiliation with the MaRS Discovery District, Canada’s largest medical sciences and technology incubator.

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About Sathguru Founded in 1985, Sathguru is an emerging market focused consulting firm with strong expertise in corporate strategy, corporate finance and innovation advisory- supporting stakeholders such as enterprises, public research institutions, financers and policy makers. As one of the largest practices, Sathguru’s Life Sciences practice covers Agribusiness and food, Animal health, Biopharmaceuticals, and Healthcare delivery. Sathguru’s strength in Life Sciences advisory comes from blending expertise in innovation into strategic consulting: steering away from a purely commercial approach to one driven equally by trends in science and markets. Sathguru is uniquely positioned to draw on its multidisciplinary expertise, strong emerging market expertise and network of relationships to create value for its clients.

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