Cyclica Launches Ligand Express™, a Disruptive Cloud-Based Platform to Revolutionize Drug Discovery

TORONTO – November 30, 2017

GreenSky Capital client Cyclica is launching its novel cloud-based, proteome screening platform, Ligand Express™. The unique platform, which harnesses biophysics, biological data, and artificial intelligence (AI), is actively being used by pharmaceutical scientists to more efficiently navigate the drug discovery pipeline.

The web-accessible platform ( grants users access to Cyclica’s AI-assisted, structure-based, molecular simulation technology. Users can submit small molecules of interest to rapidly generate unique polypharmacology profiles. These profiles consist of on- and off-target interactions that may be expected, as well as those that are unanticipated to aid decision making. Off-target interactions can be viewed using the platform’s interactive, analytical tools that enable exploration and facilitate deep insights that cannot be gained through traditional target-based approaches. By using cloud-computing, Cyclica accomplishes proteome screening without requiring hefty infrastructure on-site, with users needing only a laptop with a modern internet browser installed. A short demo of Ligand Express™ can be found here.

Cyclica’s website can be found here.

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