Cyclica: the subject of a recent Financial Post Article

Toronto, ON – April 8, 2019

A recent Financial Post article prominently showcased two Canadian companies – Cyclica and Deep Genomics – who are at the forefront of applying Artificial Intelligence in the field of drug discovery and innovation.

The Financial Post Article, which appeared in the National Post on April 3, 2019, notes that “in partnership with companies including Merck, Bayer, Eurofarma and WuXi,” Cyclica is “using AI in conjunction with biophysics, statistics and big data to investigate how druds might act on multiple targets and disease pathways”.

Read the article here:

About Cyclica
Cyclica’s Ligand Express™ platform has been used and validated through third-party organizations to develop safer and more efficacious therapeutics. Whether hypothetical, pre-clinical, clinical, or FDA-approved, Cyclica offers insight and analysis into a small molecule’s effect, in order to augment drug discovery pipelines and efficiently take assets from bench-to-bedside. Ligand Express™ is unique in that it is a drug-centric platform. It currently features PROBEx (proteome-docking), SWITCHx (ligand effect prediction) & DIVEx (systems biology & drug-protein interactomes), and evaluates and compares small molecules to predict how each will interact with the human body (i.e human proteome). As such, Ligand Express™ provides value in finding novel desirable or undesirable targets, which provides clients with polypharmacological profiles that may identify unknown targets, prioritize lead candidates, elucidate adverse effects and point to repurposing opportunities. In addition, Cyclica’s proprietary database of structurally-characterized bacterial and viral proteomes can be used to identify new treatments for infectious diseases.

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