GreenSky Capital Inc. Principals Honoured With Clean50 Award

Toronto, ON – September 23, 2015

Michael List and Greg Stewart, the principals of GreenSky Capital Inc., have been recognized with a Clean50 award by the Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organization.

“Michael List and Greg Stewart were chosen after rigorous screening and research by Delta Management, with advice from internal researchers and external advisors, and were selected from an initial pool of over 550 well qualified nominees”, said Gavin Pitchford, the Chief Talent Officer at the Delta Management Group. “To receive a Clean50 award is truly indicative of both industry and personal leadership in the Angels category.”

“The process to narrow down to just 50 Honourees this year was extremely difficult – the great news is that there are many wonderful and committed leaders in organizations across Canada, working in many different fields, who are all concerned about the course of Canada’s future if we don’t all take action quickly. These individuals are rarely waiting for regulations to drive their organizations forward – but are leading by example. The individuals we chose for the Clean50 this year are true leaders, and should be an inspiration for all Canadians.”

About GreenSky Capital

GreenSky Capital successfully sources and provides Seed, Angel and Non-Dilutive funding and advisory services for early stage cleantech companies. Mike and Greg have invested in, led, or been part of syndicated deals which have provided more than $25M of capital to early stage cleantech companies in the last 3 years, including: Smart Energy Instruments Inc., Pliteq Inc., Pyrowave Inc., Clear Blue Technologies Inc. and, Mirexus Inc. They are also members of the GreenSky President’s Club, an active Toronto angel network with over 100 members providing seed stage investments to young cleantech companies.

About the Clean50

The Clean50 Awards were founded by Delta Management Group in June 2011 and have been awarded in September each year since. Selection is made primarily by Delta Management, but with significant assistance from a team of exceptional third party advisors, and is based on detailed submissions by nominees who wish to be considered, based on their impacts as measurable in Canada.