GreenSky President’s Club First Meeting

GreenSky Capital is proud to announce the formation and very successful initial meeting of the GreenSky President’s Club (“GPC”), a group of high net worth individuals committed to investing in early stage IT, CleanTech, MedTech and other companies.  See

The first meeting was held in the MaRS Discovery District on November 12th, 2013, lead off by Tom Rand, Managing Director of the MaRS Cleantech Fund and showcasing two early stage companies with the potential for massive growth.  The first, OTI Lumionics ( has developed significant intellectual property that will greatly reduce the manufacturing costs of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (“OLED”) and the second, Cyclica ( has developed a platform for accurately testing drug candidates and designing new drugs that will save Pharma companies millions of dollars.  Both companies are currently raisingGPC meet 1 capital as they start down the path of commercializing their respective products.  Both companies have engaged GreenSky Capital, an Exempt Market Dealer, to assist them with the process of raising capital and positioning their companies for future, rapid growth.

“Having been a part of several Angel Groups in the Toronto area, the GPC is a new model that we believe will be far more effective at finding, selecting, investing in and working with early stage companies”, stated Geoff Simonett, President of GreenSky Capital and GPC member.  “GreenSky filters through hundreds of opportunities a year selecting the top few that we intend to invest in”, continued Geoff.  “We will often work with companies for a couple of months before we bring them to the GPC and will have completed and organized our own due diligence for the group to review even before they see the presentations.  Whether the group is interested or not, GreenSky will continue to work with the companies until the financing is completed and often well into the future – preferably until there is a successful exit for all.”

The initial meeting was attended by approximately 20 GPC members that not only intend to participate financially in early stage companies but will also provide their time and networks to help the companies achieve their goals. “With the success of the first meeting we look forward to refining the process, attracting new members, identifying great companies and contributing to their success”, added Mike List, cofounder of GreenSky Capital.

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About the GreenSky President’s Club

GreenSky Presidents’ Club (“GPC”) is a vehicle designed to provide serious early stage investors with better quality deal flow, preferential pricing and increased probability of a successful exit through experienced, professional management. GPC is not a fund, but a quantifiable and real commitment from a select group of individuals to participate, both financially, and potentially as mentors, in deals that are sourced, vetted and managed by GreenSky Capital Inc.

About GreenSky Capital

GreenSky Capital Inc. (“GreenSky”) is an Exempt Market Dealer specializing in assisting early stage technology companies from seed rounds to successful exits. Built by successful entrepreneurs, GreenSky has been helping to grow IT and Cleantech companies since 2007. GreenSky provides many services, including strategy guidance, financial modelling and capital investment.