KnowCharge Inc. engages GreenSky Capital

Toronto, ON – May 4, 2015

GreenSky is happy to announce our engagement by KnowCharge Inc., to provide financial advisory services and to raise capital.

KnowCharge’s patented technology builds static protection into paper, providing enhanced protection for sensitive electronics from static, all while being 100% recyclable. Future uses include, creating antennae or RFID technology, using electrically conductive paper to both monitor condition and track the contents of packaging.
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About GreenSky Capital Inc.
GreenSky Capital is a boutique corporate finance advisory firm based in Toronto, delivering customized financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses. GreenSky mandates are long-term partnerships with high growth potential companies and dedicated entrepreneurs where GreenSky supports the execution of strategic transitional events. GreenSky principals bring together a unique combination of experience in operations, investment banking and private equity. As an operator’s investment bank, GreenSky has the ability to bring extensive capital markets experience into a real-world context. GreenSky is focused on business and relationship building as well as the ultimate transaction.