Pyrowave, Inc. named Global Cleantech 100 to Watch

November 13, 2017

Pyrowave Inc., a GreenSky Capital client, has been named one of 2017 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch list. Produced by Cleantech Group (CTG), the Ones to Watch list seeks to highlight a group of up-and-coming companies that are catching the eye of leading investors and corporates in the market.

“Plastic waste is becoming a central preoccupation due to its impact on our oceans, land and more importantly on how we use our resources”, said Jocelyn Doucet, CEO of Pyrowave. “This year was a turning point after 8 years of intense development as we gained a lot of attention and visibility internationally with our first commercial scale unit in operation. Being the recipient of the 2017 Cleantech Group Ones-to-Watch is crowning a remarkable year of successes and will help us continue transforming the plastic recycling industry to make our world better.”
A full press release can be found here.

About Pyrowave Inc.
Pyrowave has developed the first cost effective solution to address end of life of polymers. Their unique technology recovers monomers and wax that are then re-used to make new polymers and packaging. More than 50% of plastics and nearly all polystyrenes manufactured today are used for packaging are not recycled. With Pyrowave’s technology, it is finally possible to close the plastic loop and become more efficient with our resources.

About GreenSky Capital Inc.
GreenSky Capital is an exempt market dealer that provides broker/dealer and financial advisory services to early-stage B2B technology companies. GreenSky mandates are long-term partnerships with high growth potential companies and dedicated entrepreneurs where GreenSky supports the execution of strategic transitional events. GreenSky principals bring together a unique combination of experience in operations, investment banking and private equity.