Pyrowave: the subject of a recent CBC Report

Toronto, ON – April 4, 2019

A recent CBC report showcased Pyrowave as one of three companies in Canada aiming to address the problem of how to efficiently recycle styrofoam.

As the CBC report noted, 80 percent of styrofoam waste in Canada and 94 per cent in the United States is not currently being recycled. Pyrowave is seeking to improve these rates through its microwave technology, which can treat dirtier styrofoam than traditional recycling, and which generates new styrofoam with 100 per cent recycled content that’s identical to ‘new’ styrofoam made directly from petroleum.

Read the report here:

About Pyrowave
Pyrowave is currently the leader in Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization with its unique patented microwave technology that unzips plastics back into their initial constituents. Only 8% of plastics generated today are recycled – yet the costs to haul, store, sort and process plastics are enormous. Using patented Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization (CMD), Pyrowave places small, modular units directly onsite at recycling facilities and at producers of plastic waste. Pyrowave has one machine in operation producing the world’s first Recycled Styrene Monomer (RSM) from post-consumer polystyrene waste that is sold to large polymer companies. Pyrowave’s technology enhances the rate and the range of recyclable materials, reduce logistics costs and produce higher value end products from waste plastics – products such as recycled wax, oil and monomers. Pyrowave has a growing impact on the environment by promoting resource efficiency. Its technology will reduce waste landfilling, waste incineration and waste hauling via a net positive energy process.

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