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What others are saying about us

"GreenSky has a keen eye for finding highest potential companies and helping them get to where they want to be."
Tim Angus
CEO of Brickeye, Inc.
"The people at GreenSky are tremendous…professional, focused, energetic, well-connected, thorough, and committed."
Phil Whiting
President & CEO, Glysantis Biotech; Mirexus Biotechnologies
"I have worked with and invested in GreenSky. They know technology and understand what makes a start-up tick. Above all, the team’s integrity stands out as the reason why I will continue to work with GreenSky long into the future."
Paul Jackson
Founder & CEO of Method CRM
"I met GreenSky when we were separately pursuing an early-stage tech investment. GreenSky’s diligence process so impressed me that I joined the Investment Committee. My early-stage investment portfolio is now run exclusively through GreenSky. "
Bill Chinery
Former CEO of Blackrock Canada and Chair of OTPP Investment Committee
"My relationship with GreenSky spanned my ten-year tenure with Cyclica. During this time, Cyclica navigated a number of fairly dramatic ups and downs - be it scientific and technical hurdles at the cutting edge of AI, business model evolution, Series A and Series B round of financing, managing the business impact of COVID-19, and an M&A in 2023. Consistent during my tenure was GreenSky's steadfast support. They led three investment rounds, provided critical insight on the Board, and were key partners as we negotiated the company’s sale to Recursion Pharmaceuticals. I believe in the GreenSky Ventures team, and am a proud LP in their most recent fund. "
Naheed Kurji
President & CEO, Cyclica